Cabinet of Curiosities: Reflection

In my Cabinet:

  • Syria Crisis
  • Lack of representation of women in sports
  • Horse Racing
  • Music Industry, N.W.A
  • Fashion, men vs women
  • Family

After re-reading my cabinet of curiosities I can see I was interested in current news, world affairs and upcoming/old music.`

In my Cabinet of Curiosities I included the Syria Crisis as I feel like it has impacted myself just because many of my friends in Abu Dhabi who are Syrian have been caught up in the crisis. I feel that the 12 million Syrians that are in need for humanitarian aid, the 6 million people who have been internally displaced and the 3 million refugees (which now the number has risen) have fled to neighboring countries have become apart of the knowledge for the world to see how Syria has been impacted and how loved ones who live away have been heart broken.

The next thing I included in my Cabinet of Curiosities was the lack of the construction representation of women in sporting activities. This again is has a big impactScreen Shot 2015-08-28 at 23.37.04 in my life because I am very much involved with sports. I have grown up playing different sports. Throughout the years I have noticed that women being represented in sports is very sexualized, especially in a world full of brainwashed people believing everything they read online or see on the TV. To me this is a negative idea that the media has conducted due to the fact that women are capable to do what a man can do.


Another thing I included in my Cabinet of Curiosities was how everyone feels that Horse Racing should be banned. Every year throughout the Grand National Weekend there are multiply of people wanting to ban the sport due to cruelty. However what most people don’t understand is that jockeys are Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.38.39 AMforced to near enough starve themselves and suffer almost crippling injuries for this sport. They get up at ungodly hours to race at meetings where they are riding rank outsiders in £2k bumpers. Few people that don’t love horses would go through that with no guarantee of a half-decent pay, success or glory and Almost 8,000 horses are slaughtered every year in the U.K and animal ‘rights’ groups Animal Aid and PETA (both known for manipulating facts) claim that 1,000 thoroughbreds are slaughtered every year. This means that 7 out of 8 horses killed in a knackers yard are not ThorouScreen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.39.07 AMghbreds. So all the people who talk abo
ut The Grand National or any Horse Race saying that it’s a horrendous sport clearly don’t understand that the horses love racing its in their breed.

Letter to Self

Dear Self,

In the coming year studying Media and Communications my main focus would be to learn in depth about the way media is represented globally and internationally. This would show me how other cultures present their media to the world and in what they try to brainwash their audience to believe the misunderstanding or to see if they do not brainwash their audience but tell the truth in what they were reporting.
In this topic I would mainly focus on how other cultures present news and their media. For example in Abu Dhabi their main newspaper “The National” doesn’t report the wars happening over in Syria or Saudi as it was shock their audience and cause moral panic. However they did report about the American mother getting stabbed in Reem Mall and they told their audience how the police caught the killer, allowing the audience to feel safe in the country.
I would also focus on how “Gay Right” has become legalized in many countries and see which countries have actually reported it to their audience around the world. As I know Muslim countries would not report it or make it on the front page due to it being a sin in the Quaran to be gay.

I would also like to improve my cultural and semiotic analyzing of advertisements. To understand the semiotic analysis of dominant symbols. The semiotic analysis of advertisement revel cultural norms and values, the key theme is the narrative.
The narrative is a understanding I enjoy to focus on as it makes me revel why the director/journalist did that in that way or reported something in that way. It allows me to gain a better understanding on the whole topic instead of getting small snippets of the topic.

In the next year I would want to grow as a student and allow my skills to be improved. I want to fail so then I will re try again and again until I get it right.



Media and Communications Presentation

In this project we got separated into groups, at first my group worked well together splitting up each question to someone and we decided to then meet up once we have finished the section we got allocated. However, throughout the two days of working on this project we didn’t see one of our group members and one other group member took control of the presentation to do it in the way they wanted and didn’t listen to anyone else’s opinions.
This showed when we presented as it wasn’t fully completed due to not being uploaded quickly enough onto the slideshow and having many slides made the audience feel bored. Most of the audiences comments were to cut down on the slides which I feel was a good comment as I believed we should not have had that many slides on the slideshow as it never really got to the point of what we were trying to say as it just dragged on. Whereas I felt we should of just put key words on the topic and then for us to talk. As if we were actually presenting to freshers being graduates we wouldn’t have got them engaged we should of probably made them feel like why are they taking media if they cant even do a proper slideshow.
In the end the comments made were very understandable we were not energetic and we didn’t engage with the audience so our overall grade was very much respected to most of my group apart from one person who got angry at us and blamed it on us as apparently we didn’t work well together but it was actually them who just overtook the whole project and wouldn’t allow any others to talk or give their opinion.

In my group: Debroah,  Peter,  Stephanie and myself


You for me for you – Critical Review of Events

Viewed 16th December 2015

Place: The Royal Court Theatre, London

Tickets: £20

1hour and 30 minutes

This film was about the North Korean Sisters, Minhee and Junhee fleeing the country for the perilous land of the free. They however are torn apart t the border and both must race across space to be together again, navigating the perilous land of the free and the treacherous terrain of personal belief.

The film tells the audience that food has earned to sprint, money is so fast it doesn’t wait to be printed and gossip travels swifter than germs.

The film is a rich and starling escape from North Korean which turns into an epic battle for two sisters to find each other again.

The whole experience for myself was very interesting as I travelled up to London had to find a cab to the Theatre and sat and watched it. At first I did not think I would enjoy it however as it went on I could not keep my eyes of the stage the whole story was fascinating, it really knocked me out. In such a tiny space the theatrical venture was epic.

The two main characters had such unquestionable power throughout the whole performance, which probably helped keep me so engaged because it was so memorizing.

Coventry Football Club – Critical Review of Events

Coventry vs Port Vale – 26th December 2015

Score: 1 – 0 to Coventry

This football was my very first football that I have ever been too and I must admit that it was very interesting. The game was at Ricoh Arena and my friend got me a free ticket. The whole atmosphere was amazing everyone was chanting and I did not feel out of place although I do not really understand the game or the rules.

In the first 6 minutes, apparently Port Vale should have been in the lead but the goalie cleared the shot out on the corner shot. However the game more interesting and Coventry had possession of the ball a lot, but when Port Vale got the ball they did try and score but unfortunately kept on missing.

The best part of the game was when Coventry scored, the whole crowd that supported Coventry stood up screaming and chanting with happiness. This made me feel very happy as these people are very keen on the game and all share the same interest which brings them together whilst watching the game which allows them to become apart of Maslow’s theory of escapism as all the people who where at the game came to escape from the reality of their lives.

Throughout the game Coventry had 9 times to score and scored once, whereas Port Vale had 6 times to score and never scored. This shows how intense the game was to keen supporters as they were always on there toes hoping that Coventry would score more goals, so the hype of watching them become closer to the goal but not scoring made the crowd again come more closer together as one.
However the amount of times Coventry had to score was the amount of fouls Coventry had, whenever the ref would call a foal the crowd was scream and yell and get rowdy.

Safe to say I have a very enjoyable time watching the football with an easy way in and way out.

State of Play, a Documentary on pro-gamers – Critical Review of Events

Viewed on 23rd February 2016

Place: Asia house- 63 New Cavendish Street London

Tickets £8 for adults; £6 for concessions and £5 for Asia House Friends

85 Minutes long

Gaming is a big business in South Korea. The biggest highlight is the Pro League eSporst event, where thousands come and watch the professional gamers compete to be the National Champion.

Steven Dhoedt’s documentary follows Champion Pro-gamer Lee Jae-Dong and his fellow team members in their punishing training regime in a world where intense concentration and lighting quick reflexes are everything.

The documentary has subtitles for non-Asian people to understand what is going on, however, I did some research and you can download any version with English, Dutch, French, Russian etc subtitles.

The documentary consists of showing the champion and his family who are ammeter gamers, the whole documentary is fast edits of Lee Jae-Dong and his team practicing and doing competitions whilst having a voice over of someone explaining what is going on.

There are special interviews just with Lee Jae-Dong where he explains how hard it is to be the Champion; there are also interviews with his family explaining how proud they are of him.

Whilst the documentary is only 85 minutes it felt much quicker. I think this was due to the fast edits throughout the documentary. There wasn’t a linear narrative it was very much disruptive.

However the whole day and experience was very interesting as I had to travel up to London, get a cab to the Asia House and watch the film, everyone was so welcoming and nice and I did not feel awkward or out of place.

Reflective Feedback: 105MC

105 MC Reflective Feedback – Term 1

Result: 58.00%

Within my feedback for this module i was mainly ticked in the 50-59% boxes for the assessment on the intended learning outcomes which I feel was appropriate however I do feel that in the last point, ‘Apply the key concepts through a critical analysis of their own media, cultural or communication objects’ for me to get marked in 50-59% was not correct as I was the only one to really understand they key concepts and how to include them into our documentary and book itself. Within our documentary my group gave specific people jobs to do whilst working to build it up to become a moving image which made some of the people in the group not really do anything, as I felt happened to me so I could not perform at my best.

Within the book feedback I did feel that what was said was correct, we as a group didn’t spend any time together building the book to make it look like a book itself but instead made me the person to build the book on my own, hence why it seemed very poor and low quality as nobody gave me feedback on what they thought I should add or take-away so I just had my own opinion and I thought it turned out alright. With my own chapter of the book, I felt it gave some links to different types of new technologies showing my further reading but I do agree that it didn’t include a lot of theory and that it was mainly describing new technologies.

On the final day before we handed in the work, we did as a group read over everyone’s chapter to check for spelling errors so when there were spelling mistakes it would have been because we misread or did not notice it.

Reflective Feedback: 181MC 

181MC Reflective Feedback – Term 1

Result: Group: 60.00% Individual: 55.00

The result for the group coursework I felt was very good. I was pleased to work with my group as we now are very close friends, however, working with them sometimes was very difficult due to everyone wanting to write the task’s themselves. On the first task we all did our own work and then stuck it all together. Then the tasks after that only one person did. I was allowed to do task 4, which I was very pleased with the outcome as when we went to a feedback session before we handed it in, there was barely any mistakes all I got was improvement or what to add in. With us focusing on one task instead of working together allowed us to all give opinions to the task and for the person to then write it up allowing us to improve on our writing skills. The mark we received we were all really pleased with.

In the individual essay, the mark I received I was a little disappointed as I felt I performed a very good essay with further research and further examples of theories, however, I got told it needs to pursue a more discursive approach. Then they go on saying it does do that but it needs to problematize the topic. The feedback I received did confuse me as it said one thing then said I did actually do it but needed to add something else then it goes on to say I did try and do that. To me the feedback was great to see what I need to include for that essay if I ever write it again, however it did not give me feedback on what to include in further essays to get the grades I want.

Reflective Feedback: Add-Vantage

Add-Vantage: Professional Report Writing with Advertising Analysis – Term 1

Result: 60.00%

I was very pleased with the result I received for my Add-Vantage as I was stressing a lot over it because I found it very challenging. I am pleased I picked this module for my Add-Vantage as it has given me different skills to use in my Media Coursework especially with writing essays, so it allows my essays to be different.

Most of the comments I was given was about format and grammer. I do know from past essay writing that my grammer and usually format of essay is very poor however I got praised on the content and the further reading I used which was different theories to back up whatever point I made before.

In my feedback it is said “you really need to think about the way you write as it goes from past to present”. This is the usual feedback I get from former teachers that have thought me and it is usually down to my dyslexia where I don’t notice the tenses changing even when I proof read it so again it shows I should get other people to read my work. However saying that 60.00% is extremely good for having poor writing skills.

This Add-Vantage was fun to do even though it was very stressful at the end. I enjoyed learning different writing techniques and have decided to follow on with a close module like this for next year’s Add-Vantage.

Reflective Feedback: 182MC

182MC Reflective Feedback – Term 2

Result: Behind the Scenes: 68%

The result for the Behind the Scenes video was very good in my eyes as I really enjoyed this module only because we got to do different tasks every week and record everything we processed which allowed the lecturers to see who is helping and who isn’t as in group work it is very easy for one member to do all the work and the rest not help at all.

The behind the scenes video got very challenging at parts because we had to fit in planning/filming the planning/doing the actual task and reflecting. Each week Ginnie told us to keep motivated and to keep on top of things as we usually did have something to show her even if it was not the final piece. At the very end when we showed her the full 30 minutes, she again told us to cut parts out as it was pointless especially as our 30 minutes was 2 hours LONG! This was one of our struggles the group member that decided to take on the role of editing left everything to the last minute and did not want any help from anyone in the last week he decided he did need help so we all got involved and edited our parts he asked us to edit.

Overall I felt that the mark we got was very reasonable and I am very pleased with the group effort.

Reflective Feedback: 180MC

180 MC Reflective Feedback – Term 2

Result: Presentation: 58%, Manifesto: 60%, Individual: 62%

Throughout 180 I felt like my group did not contribute at all until the very end. The whole presentation was created by myself and they read exactly what I wrote them, as with the manifesto they did what I asked them to do so it was all my original ideas. I felt that the lecturers did not take much notice in how some groups had the same problem as us, even though the lecturers said they would mark up the people who have worked the hardest they didn’t.

Working with this group was very challenging as they never showed up on time. They ether came hungover or late and none contributed to help build the manifesto/presentation. I was stuck working on this on my own, however like my 182 group they then decided very last minute to help build the manifesto as they did not like how I had made it.

However I am very pleased with my individual mark as I struggled to understand what to talk about so getting 62% really has boosted my confidence in writing and being confident in myself.

Final Letter to Self

Dear Self,

This past year I have learnt to become more independent with my studies by making myself read all the suggested reading whilst doing the work set.

I have made some really good friends who have helped me through tough times and have supported me through everything which I think is the best thing to have because you always know that they will be there and they make you feel belonged. I have also joined 2 sport, which are equestrian, and netball. This has really helped me become a more confident person in myself as I had to go to trails and I got selected to it made me believe in myself more.

Studying Media and Communications this year has been really interesting starting from the first term to the very end. Each lecture brought something new to learn which to me is the great as I feel I am becoming more diverse in the my learning and being at university means the tutors go into depth with what you are learning.

However, studying Media and Communications was not what I expected because it is more to do with sociology in media. Where as I thought it would be more diverse in learning the different platforms separately which was a bit disappointing as I feel I cannot go into my dream job of being a publisher.

The other thing that annoyed me about the course is the fact we only went in to uni for 2 days for a couple of hours, it made me feel that my money wasn’t going into proper lecture time especially when the lecturers mainly spoke about U.S. when we are in the U.K. This to other people can be a plus having free time but to me I just got bored as I would do the readings the next day and do the work when we met up with the groups so I would always have lots of time free.

The fact that this year was mainly group work also annoyed me as I prefer working alone, as I feel I can get to my full potential on my own whereas when we are in groups we get graded the same so our marks go down or up depending how good or bad your group is. I hope year 2 is more individual work instead of group work.

Year 1 overall has been really good and I cant wait for year 2 because I will know what is happening and what to do and I wont feel like the “baby”.

Lots of Love,


Other Student’s Work

Jaime Edwards:

I like the way Jaime has introduced his Review and his conclusion, it allows them to link together. The conclusion in particular gives a nice end to the review. I know I can progress to do this in the future, as it is clear Conclusions and Introductions are vital for higher marks and improve quality of writing.

Matt Rudd:

I really enjoyed reading Matt’s manifesto because it flowed but had specific sections. I enjoyed reading all about Sexual Harassment, with the great depth they have gone into it meant you could really understand how horrendous Sexual Harassment really is. There manifesto is very long but with this topic I feel that it is a decent length as it really shows how much work they have put into it.