Dear Self,

As a student studying Media Studies for the last two years of my academic year. I finally got to understand how deep the Media goes to brainwash their readers/viewers. The course really got me interested in producing my own concept of magazines and moving images.

In year 12, I learnt a lot about the theorist and the background to understanding how everything is made and why directors have done something in a movie, for example why Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) connoted Red as danger, she did this to symbolise that Edward is danger as the colour red would be shown mainly when he was around for example the apple Bella catches is bright red and the Valtory have red capes. I got to grips on the main theorist such as Propp and Barthes and understood their way of showing something to the readers/viewers.
At the end of the year we had to produce our own coursework. In this we got given 3 different topics. I choose Lifestyle; I decided to go with this topic because I was wanting to base my coursework on my favourite hobby which is horse riding. To me horse riding is very much a given lifestyle. In my coursework I produced a moving image using iMovie, the moving image consisted of panning images of race horses then an interview based structure with an Race Jockey called Hayley Moore. Hayley competes in level 7 races, and her father is a trainer. I also had to produce a magazine. I based this magazine on an equestrian magazine I get every Thursday called Horse and Hound. This magazine I made consisted of 8 pages full of fun and interesting facts on horses and different areas in horse riding.
Doing this coursework really allowed me to excel in what I enjoy most in Media Studies.

In year 13, we were told we were going to write a critical investigation. My investigation was “discuss the negative representation of women in sport”. In this investigation I included myself analyzing many adverts such as reebok .
This investigation really made me go outside my comfort zone as I am not very good with my writing skills but as I progressed and did a topic I enjoyed I found it became much easier and I become much more comfortable analyzing texts and becoming much more critical in the way I thought.
After we finished writing the 2500 words of the critical investigation, we had to start looking at the practical side of the investigation. With the practical side I decided to look at making adverts seeing as my investigation was based on advertising sporting women. In this I made 8 adverts all portraying the same information using different camera angles and allowing the women the not be sexualized.

Over the 2 years of studying media I feel like my knowledge has progressed and become much stronger to what is was. Which is what I mostly enjoyed having all the success to knowing everything and developing over the months and growing an interest in the media world.

My social media profile such as Facebook represents the better side of myself. It doesn’t show all the times I have failed at something or the times I stayed at home instead of going out, it shows the times were I was having fun and enjoying myself. My profile is a different reflection of myself as I am not a party girl I am very much family orientated but my profile does not show that as then I feel I would not fit into the social norm or be cool. My profile is the fun side of caroline.




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