Dear Self,

In the coming year studying Media and Communications my main focus would be to learn in depth about the way media is represented globally and internationally. This would show me how other cultures present their media to the world and in what they try to brainwash their audience to believe the misunderstanding or to see if they do not brainwash their audience but tell the truth in what they were reporting.
In this topic I would mainly focus on how other cultures present news and their media. For example in Abu Dhabi their main newspaper “The National” doesn’t report the wars happening over in Syria or Saudi as it was shock their audience and cause moral panic. However they did report about the American mother getting stabbed in Reem Mall and they told their audience how the police caught the killer, allowing the audience to feel safe in the country.
I would also focus on how “Gay Right” has become legalised in many countries and see which countries have actually reported it to their audience around the world. As I know Muslim countries would not report it or make it on the front page due to it being a sin in the Quaran to be gay.

I would also like to improve my cultural and semiotic analysing of advertisements. To understand the semiotic analysis of dominant symbols. The semiotic analysis of advertisement revel cultural norms and values, the key theme is the narrative.
The narrative is a understanding I enjoy to focus on as it makes me revel why the director/journalist did that in that way or reported something in that way. It allows me to gain a better understanding on the whole topic instead of getting small snippets of the topic.

In the next year I would want to grow as a student and allow my skills to be improved. I want to fail so then I will re try again and again until I get it right.


Future Self


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