Over 4 years of unrest the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern history in the Middle East Region is happening in Syria. Over 12 million Syrians are in need for humanitarian aid, around 6 million people have been internally displaced and more then 3 million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries.

In response to an article in The New York Times that accused the Gulf nations of “tepid response” to the migration crisis, Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to Washington, said the Syrian refugee challenge is a global tragedy, and it requires a global response. Along with countries in Europe and the Middle East, the UAE has also contributed immensely towards the cause, he said. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the UAE has welcomed more than 100,000 Syrians, joining 140,000 already residing in the country. In 2011, the UAE was one of the first countries to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis and has provided more than $530 million in direct aid, mainly through the Syria Recovery Trust Fund, Otaiba said.

The violence in Syria began in March 2011. The country has been crippled by a brutal civil war. Since then, there has been estimates of more then 200,000 people dead in the clashes between President Bashar Al Assad’s government and rebel forces who want him out.
In July 2012 the International Red Cross said the violence in Syria has become so widespread that it was in a state of civil war.

The trouble began in 2011 in the Syrian city of Deraa, where locals took to streets to protest after 15 schoolchildren were arrested and reportedly tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. At first the protest were peaceful calling for the release of the children, democracy and greater freedom for the people in the country. However the government responded angrily and on the 18th March 2011 the army opened fire on protesters, killing four people. The next day they shot at mourners at the victim’s funerals, killing another person. The locals were angry and soon the unrest spread to other parts of the country.

As the protest carried on the media did not report much. In 2011 the BBC reported how the army opened fired and killed four people. They then reported how locals wanted their President to resign. However over the years of the civil war the reporting of it has fizzled out, so the world does not really know what is happening.
Whilst I lived in Abu Dhabi all their newspapers high end or tabloid newspapers such as The National reported what was happening in Syria however it was never on the front page. It usually was reported in a small paragraph but it was enough for Middle Eastern Countries to understand what was going on, where as countries such as America or the United Kingdom haven’t heard much about what really is happening in Syria or their neighboring countries just because Syria has not allowed reporters from around the world to step into their country so it hasn’t become a globalised news event.

In 2014 the neighboring country Iraq came to take over areas of the country was an extremist group called Daesh. Daesh is a radical militant group which has used violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with their extremist views. They have also persecuted other groups including Christians and Yazidis.
Due to Daesh becoming a very globalised news event to everyone around the world, they became a very talked about topic to everyone especially in the Middle Eastern countries as everybody was scared that Daesh would come and invade their country. As Daesh later moved into Eastern Syria, they actually gained land and power. To try and stop Daesh, in September 2014 the US, UK and other countries joined forces, using to attack their fighter on the ground.

In August 2013 a chemical attack happened just outside the Syrian capital, Damascus. This caused a strong reaction form many countries. After the effects of these weapons were seen there were long discussions over what the rest of the world should do. United Nations inspectors confirmed that Syria has used the chemical weapons, however Syria denied and blamed Daesh for the chemical attack.

Daesh taken to social media to show the world that they were killing innocent people and why they were killing them. Daesh wore black masks symbolizing Jihadi John, who committed many crimes behind a black mask. Obviously using social media allows many people to view the video and gets people tweeting or uploading statuses about what has happened. Daesh has their very own facebook page which again allows people to view their page. Using social media has allowed them to get other people involved. They used facebook to talk to young girls to make them come to Syria to be apart of Daesh, they spoke to girls in Scotland and Northern England telling them how IS is very kind. They brainwashed the people to believe it was okay what they were doing. Four young 16 girls went to Syria to become apart of Daesh.

Daesh begun to become a threat when they beheaded James Foley and Steven Sotloff. These men were U.S journalists covering the story of the Syria Conflict. Both men said they were “paying the price” for US airstrikes against the group. Foley and Sotloff were kidnapped about a year ago in Syria while working as a freelance journalist. Daesh posted both videos online using social media as their instant gratification to inform the world of what they were doing. These killings happened late in 2014.

Over the past year Daesh has executed and murdered many innocent people which have been videoed and uploaded online so the world can see. All the murders have been based around religious views and people not believing in the same religious ideas that Daesh do. Recently, in July 2015, Daesh forced child executioners to brutally shoot dead 25 Syrian regime soldiers in front of crowds at the Ancient Palmyra ruin. They released a video of a mass slaughter of the soldiers. The men were all lined up on their knees on the Amphitheatre stage. A giant Daesh flag hangs in the background in the ancient monument. A mass crowd of men and women gathered in the Amphitheatre to watch. Making it look like the gladiator time.

It is noticeable that this Syria Crisis is not going to stop anytime soon, and Daesh is progressing to become much more noticeable through their social media usage.
The government forces an the rebel groups are unable to defeat each other, so the fighting will continue and the murders will continue to grow.

Daesh use social media they upload videos. They use twitter. They have their own facebook page and their own blogs.

Due to the impact this crisis has happened on the Syrian people many people have fled their country to try gain a better future for themselves and their family. As I said in my first paragraph over 3 million refugees have moved to neighbouring countries. However over 150,000 refugees have declared asylum in the European Union. Some refugees have traveled through Turkey to get to their destination such as Hungary or Greece.
In this process of them fleeing their countries there has been a very high death toll with ages ranging from new borns to 90+.
As the Syria Crisis of Immigrants has become a globalised topic all around the world, many people question why they are not allowing them into the European countries such as England or Germany. In Budapest the government has forced the train service to shut down so immigrants do not travel to Germany or Amsterdam. To me this is very good, even though the Syrians are living in horrendous conditions they are safe however the United Nations need to figure out how to deal with all these immigrants entering the country.
Many people know that they are fleeing their country due to the government and rebels fighting. However if the United Nations thought about the solution that could possible stop this fighting then they wouldn’t have the immigrants fleeing. As without a solution or even an idea to help the Syrians then the immigrants will keep trying to enter into different countries for their own safety, but if the problem has gone away then the Syrians would go back to their own country.

Daesh is neither Islamic nor state says Prince Turki Al-Falsal, he also adds “Daesh an Islamic state is an insult to all Muslims. While media played a vital role in doing a lot of propaganda for Daesh, there were some attempts to link this organization with Islam.” (Gulf in the Media, 19 September 2015) Daesh portray themselves as a perfect solution when actually in reality they are not, they are a horrific solution.


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