I decided to choose Professional Report Writing with Advertising Analysis, as I felt that it would help me to become a much more critical person due to the fact that it would bring my strengths up on analysing adverts. This course also allows me to follow a path in Advertising, and I aspire to become apart of a advertising company either writing or practical work and I decided this Add+Vantage would help me to understand the advertising while reading professional report writing. This will allow me to read over many projects which have been written analytically.
I also felt that I am very argumentative so picking an advert and using my skills to be argumentative would develop even further, again allowing me to come out of my comfort zone by using theoretical skills but I figured that being confident in my argumentative skills that I would understand how to add the theoretical concepts into the essays.
This Add+Vantage also allows me to gain my presenting skills, which I am not very good at as I get very shy, so again it is taking me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to progress into a confident women.


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