At the start of watching this movie, I didn’t really understand what was going on. I got very confused and very tired watching it. However, when I watched it with my group I understood that it was a silent black and white documentary taken in Russia: Soviet Union but even with this knowledge it was still confusing due to it not having a storyline it was just a continuous desynchronised narrative.
I enjoyed the idea that there were no certain characters it was just a timelapse of everyday people, following one person doing what his does everyday. The background music was what kept the movie interesting as they used it to climax some moments which gave the audience a feel that something exciting was going to happen.
However my group and I agreed that a modern day audience would not enjoy watching the documentary as it has no speaking or any colour so it would not catch the eye of a modern audience as it is not modernised enough for them.
Overall I felt the movie was interesting but it did not catch my eye of recommendation as I felt it was too long for one person to just film their everyday life with other people.


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