In this project we got separated into groups, at first my group worked well together splitting up each question to someone and we decided to then meet up once we have finished the section we got allocated. However, throughout the two days of working on this project we didn’t see one of our group members and one other group member took control of the presentation to do it in the way they wanted and didn’t listen to anyone else’s opinions.
This showed when we presented as it wasn’t fully completed due to not being uploaded quickly enough onto the slideshow and having many slides made the audience feel bored. Most of the audiences comments were to cut down on the slides which I feel was a good comment as I believed we should not have had that many slides on the slideshow as it never really got to the point of what we were trying to say as it just dragged on. Whereas I felt we should of just put key words on the topic and then for us to talk. As if we were actually presenting to freshers being graduates we wouldn’t have got them engaged we should of probably made them feel like why are they taking media if they cant even do a proper slideshow.
In the end the comments made were very understandable we were not energetic and we didn’t engage with the audience so our overall grade was very much respected to most of my group apart from one person who got angry at us and blamed it on us as apparently we didn’t work well together but it was actually them who just overtook the whole project and wouldn’t allow any others to talk or give their opinion.

In my group: Debroah,  Peter,  Stephanie and myself



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