‘Bloody Politicians’ The Under-Occupancy charge – April 2013 181MC

In April 2013 the conservative government introduced the ‘under-occupancy’ charge affecting social housing tenants. Tenants receive less benefit if there are spare bedrooms in the home (14% less for one spare) but the ‘spare room subsidy’ does not affect pensioners or shared property tenants. Under tens are expected to share with both sexes, under 16s are expected to share with same sex. Adults are entitled their own room and extra rooms for medical purposes are not exempt. Ed Miliband also voted for the introduction of the bedroom tax originally, but because of the bad reception from the public, he stated he would remove it if he became the MP again. The fact he now opposes this represents the contrast between conservative aiming to please the middle class and Labor aiming to please lower/working class.

The spare-room subsidy is doable because the age ranges of children who share rooms mean they require the same needs in daily life. The tax has lead to 50,000 rooms free within the last twelve months out of the 660,000 spare rooms nationally. It has lead to an improved utilization of social housing saved the taxpayer £1 million a day. There has been increased support of the labor party among social tenants and increased conservative support among private homeowners/renters. The way that the tax benefits the middle/upper class but causes problems for lower/working class reflects Imogen Tyler’s theory that British citizenship has been designed to fail specific classes. In this instance, the bedroom tax is effectively designed to fail working and lower class people, which is why Labor opposes it.

In accordance to how people are affected in the UK, the bedroom tax affects people who live in council housing, so private homeowners don’t get affected by the policy and may not necessarily take interest in it. As a generalization, people that live in council housing are typically working class people, which are the main participants of this policy and are the general people that will be against it. If you have a spare room, you’ll now have to pay more money than before to keep it, on social media and in the news there have been vast amounts of complaints, because no-one wants to pay more money than they should; its put a lot of people in financial trouble; you may not be affected by the bedroom tax if you have certain disabilities, if you are a foster parent or if you receive a state pension. Effectively, the government are the ones that benefit from the bedroom tax because they are getting a lot more money out of each household and therefore are the ones that benefit from the policy. From this representation, we can observe that Maxim’s theory (that the oppressed will always have more power than the repressed) is in fact correct, seen as the government (oppressed) are controlling the repressed (lower/working class).

Re-written version of the policy

Britain needs sustainability. With the economy rising and the deficit lowering we need to begin to sustain our society to provide everyone with comfort and security. The bedroom tax targets people that live in social housing which have one or more un-occupied bedroom(s), it aims at getting people to pay for their unused rooms which someone else could generally benefit from. There are some that own 5 bedroom council houses but only occupy 2 bedrooms, leaving bedrooms free which is unfair to other citizens of the UK that can occupy that space fairly. Getting these people to pay for their unused rooms will eventually rise to Britain saving £1,000,000 a day and also gives everyone equal opportunities to occupy the home they need.

The tax will not affect you however, if you have been living in your home for over 10 years, a home of which has sentimental value to a family should not have to pay the tax. The tax only targets new council tenants of who have lived in council housing for under 2 years.

The bedroom tax will be exempt from people with physical disabilities that need more than one room for medical care. We will not make you pay for extra rooms if you need them for medical care.

You will be able to switch homes with other tenants if you both need each others spaces, a fair transaction between citizens will create equality in Britain as rooms will be utilized fairly.


Seven Stories 105 MC

The Seven Stories are known as also the Seven Basic Plots;

Overcoming the Monster

Rags to Riches

The Quest

Voyage and Return





All of these have different meanings to allow the plot to thicken and become more interesting.

Worksheet 3 105MC Genre

Task 1

The Godfather: Crime – the characters seemed high profile gangsters from the way they are dressed, there is a lot of violence involved, it makes you feel like it is more based on the Mafia, who are known for money, drugs, greed and corruption.

From Dusk till Dawn: Horror/Comedy – They have the typical conventions of Horror with vampires, they are playing with conventions as they are playing with stereotypes with using comedy.

Man of Steel: Action/Fantasy – The film is more cinematic compared to any other action film, the use of fantasy shows it is following the comic books.

Up: Comedy/family film – It is a family film because of the different sections in the film, for example older people want to retire and have some quiet time whereas children love balloons and adventure.

Gravity: Thriller/ sci-fi –

Task 2

My favorite genre of film is a Romance. This is because I love happy endings and I enjoy watching the characters fall in love, it makes me believe one day I will have a romance like Noah and Ally from The Notebook. A romantic film brings my emotions out and allows me to fall in love with the characters and fall in love with the idea that true love is real.

Task 3

Western: cowboys/natural lighting/horse and cart/shoot outs/guns/male dominance/two shots/sound.

Structured Reality TV: talking directly to the camera/stage lighting/relationships/drama/gossiping/fashion statements/airbrushed.

Saturday Night Entertainment Show: lighting/camera movement/interactive live audience/judge panels/presenter/celebrity guests/stage/live band/tasks.

Task 4

The news conventions are easy to understand so that the audience can understand what they are trying to report so every camera angle/voice over/lighting context is used to help the audience to follow the news story. I do not think there will be any change in the mainstream news or its material as the news knows what works best so they will keep to the easiest possible recording especially if it means more viewers. I feel like BBC NEWS and SKY NEWS are already doing these conventions.

Task 5

Journey to the end of coal

This documentary challenges traditional documentary conventions because it doesn’t follow the normal linear affect, they have changed there documentary to make it more appealing to the audience which allows a wider audience whereas if it was a traditional documentary they would have the same audience not a mass audience. This documentary follows very similar techniques however it is developed to become more interesting.

Represents Me; Professional Report Writing with Advertising Analysis (AddVantage)

abu dhabihorse and houndmusic

Abu Dhabi represents myself because I lived their for four years and it became my home. Abu Dhabi was a peaceful and fun place to live and I am so glad I took the chance to live abroad.

Horse and Hound represents myself because I ride horses and do eventing, I am a very outdoors person and horses are everything to me.

Music represent myself because I listen to a lot of music, and I used to sing so singing to me is very important and I enjoy learning new songs which artists have produced. My favorite type of music is rap and my favorite artist is Easy E.

Taken 2 – Film 4 105 MC

Task 1
The audience; people who liked to feel panicked (moral panic). This allows a sense of entertainment for the audience as they can become connected to the film. I feel the age for Taken 2 is 16+. However anyone can watch this film to understand what is going on however film 4 focus on young adults in their adverts mainly boys this is probably because the film is very masculine due to the fast edit cuts of fighting scenes.
The effects; the audience might feel a sense of false hope. Not being protected causing them to moral panic. They can be easily manipulated to believe muslims are bad, making the audience a passive audience.

What my group think:
We all believe this film is targeted at a male audience due to all the fast pace edits and the high intensity of music allowing the movie to keep the excitement and energy. Using moral panic causes the audience to feel unsafe. For a male audience this is exciting as it allows them to feel masculine giving them self-esteem. We feel the age range is 18+.
The difference between what my group thought and what the film actually is, is the fact that it is a much younger audience 12A and it is targeted at everyone.

Task 2
Geordie Shore, I watch it online. People have to find it, its well known for a younger audience as it posts adverts on social media. I consider myself as a target audience. The message of the TV show is to go out and have fun. Jersey Shore is a remix of Geordie Shore its exactly the same content. They post on Facebook and Instagram to keep the audience young.

Task 3
Hypodermic Model:
Pros; Studies include large numbers of participants
Cons; Too simplistic

Pros; They answer 3 questions for the audience
Cons; Too simplistic

Encoding – Decoding:
Pros; premises
Cons; provider based