Task 1
The audience; people who liked to feel panicked (moral panic). This allows a sense of entertainment for the audience as they can become connected to the film. I feel the age for Taken 2 is 16+. However anyone can watch this film to understand what is going on however film 4 focus on young adults in their adverts mainly boys this is probably because the film is very masculine due to the fast edit cuts of fighting scenes.
The effects; the audience might feel a sense of false hope. Not being protected causing them to moral panic. They can be easily manipulated to believe muslims are bad, making the audience a passive audience.

What my group think:
We all believe this film is targeted at a male audience due to all the fast pace edits and the high intensity of music allowing the movie to keep the excitement and energy. Using moral panic causes the audience to feel unsafe. For a male audience this is exciting as it allows them to feel masculine giving them self-esteem. We feel the age range is 18+.
The difference between what my group thought and what the film actually is, is the fact that it is a much younger audience 12A and it is targeted at everyone.

Task 2
Geordie Shore, I watch it online. People have to find it, its well known for a younger audience as it posts adverts on social media. I consider myself as a target audience. The message of the TV show is to go out and have fun. Jersey Shore is a remix of Geordie Shore its exactly the same content. They post on Facebook and Instagram to keep the audience young.

Task 3
Hypodermic Model:
Pros; Studies include large numbers of participants
Cons; Too simplistic

Pros; They answer 3 questions for the audience
Cons; Too simplistic

Encoding – Decoding:
Pros; premises
Cons; provider based


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