Task 1

The Godfather: Crime – the characters seemed high profile gangsters from the way they are dressed, there is a lot of violence involved, it makes you feel like it is more based on the Mafia, who are known for money, drugs, greed and corruption.

From Dusk till Dawn: Horror/Comedy – They have the typical conventions of Horror with vampires, they are playing with conventions as they are playing with stereotypes with using comedy.

Man of Steel: Action/Fantasy – The film is more cinematic compared to any other action film, the use of fantasy shows it is following the comic books.

Up: Comedy/family film – It is a family film because of the different sections in the film, for example older people want to retire and have some quiet time whereas children love balloons and adventure.

Gravity: Thriller/ sci-fi –

Task 2

My favorite genre of film is a Romance. This is because I love happy endings and I enjoy watching the characters fall in love, it makes me believe one day I will have a romance like Noah and Ally from The Notebook. A romantic film brings my emotions out and allows me to fall in love with the characters and fall in love with the idea that true love is real.

Task 3

Western: cowboys/natural lighting/horse and cart/shoot outs/guns/male dominance/two shots/sound.

Structured Reality TV: talking directly to the camera/stage lighting/relationships/drama/gossiping/fashion statements/airbrushed.

Saturday Night Entertainment Show: lighting/camera movement/interactive live audience/judge panels/presenter/celebrity guests/stage/live band/tasks.

Task 4

The news conventions are easy to understand so that the audience can understand what they are trying to report so every camera angle/voice over/lighting context is used to help the audience to follow the news story. I do not think there will be any change in the mainstream news or its material as the news knows what works best so they will keep to the easiest possible recording especially if it means more viewers. I feel like BBC NEWS and SKY NEWS are already doing these conventions.

Task 5

Journey to the end of coal

This documentary challenges traditional documentary conventions because it doesn’t follow the normal linear affect, they have changed there documentary to make it more appealing to the audience which allows a wider audience whereas if it was a traditional documentary they would have the same audience not a mass audience. This documentary follows very similar techniques however it is developed to become more interesting.


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