Coventry Football Club

Coventry vs Port Vale – 26th December 2016

Score: 1 – 0 to Coventry

This football was my very first football that I have ever been too and I must admit that it was very interesting. The game was at Ricoh Arena and my friend got me a free ticket. The whole atmosphere was amazing everyone was chanting and I did not feel out of place although I do not really understand the game or the rules.

In the first 6 minutes, apparently Port Vale should have been in the lead but the goalie cleared the shot out on the corner shot. However the game more interesting and Coventry had possession of the ball a lot, but when Port Vale got the ball they did try and score but unfortunately kept on missing.

The best part of the game was when Coventry scored, the whole crowd that supported Coventry stood up screaming and chanting with happiness. This made me feel very happy as these people are very keen on the game and all share the same interest which brings them together whilst watching the game which allows them to become apart of Maslow’s theory of escapism as all the people who where at the game came to escape from the reality of their lives.

Throughout the game Coventry had 9 times to score and scored once, whereas Port Vale had 6 times to score and never scored. This shows how intense the game was to keen supporters as they were always on there toes hoping that Coventry would score more goals, so the hype of watching them become closer to the goal but not scoring made the crowd again come more closer together as one.
However the amount of times Coventry had to score was the amount of fouls Coventry had, whenever the ref would call a foal the crowd was scream and yell and get rowdy.

Safe to say I have a very enjoyable time watching the football with an easy way in and way out.


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