105 MC Reflective Feedback

Result: 58.00%

Within my feedback for this module i was mainly ticked in the 50-59% boxes for the assessment on the intended learning outcomes which I feel was appropriate however I do feel that in the last point, ‘Apply the key concepts through a critical analysis of their own media, cultural or communication objects’ for me to get marked in 50-59% was not correct as I was the only one to really understand they key concepts and how to include them into our documentary and book itself. Within our documentary my group gave specific people jobs to do whilst working to build it up to become a moving image which made some of the people in the group not really do anything, as I felt happened to me so I could not perform at my best.

Within the book feedback I did feel that what was said was correct, we as a group didn’t spend any time together building the book to make it look like a book itself but instead made me the person to build the book on my own, hence why it seemed very poor and low quality as nobody gave me feedback on what they thought I should add or take-away so I just had my own opinion and I thought it turned out alright. With my own chapter of the book, I felt it gave some links to different types of new technologies showing my further reading but I do agree that it didn’t include a lot of theory and that it was mainly describing new technologies.

On the final day before we handed in the work, we did as a group read over everyone’s chapter to check for spelling errors so when there were spelling mistakes it would have been because we misread or did not notice it.


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